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We only stock professional dog clippers that have been used and tested by our team of trusted professional groomers in their working salons – so whichever of the Aesculap, Andis, Oster or Wahl clipper models you buy from us is guaranteed to perform. As you may know, we are also an official clipper service centre and we can service and maintain any clipper that you buy from us. It’s impossible to recommend a specific model of clipper – but there are a few factors we encourage all of our customers to consider: BLADE SPEED – You’ll find the top end machines can now operate at very high speeds but this does need an experienced hand and you need to be aware that high speeds equals hot blades so lubrication and blade coolants are vital. WEIGHT & CIRCUMFRANCE The ideal weight of a machine is a personal preference but we note which machines are heavier – perhaps more important is the size of the grip (particularly if you have smaller hands) and we’ve tried to note which models have the smaller bodies. As always – there’s a wide choice on offer – so if you need any help or advice please get in touch. You’ll find our trade stand at most of the UK’s larger dog shows and grooming competitions so if you’d like to try out various models and feel the respective weights and grip sizes of the various models of professional dog clipper available then please look out for our stand.

  • Trimmers

    Trimmers (11)

    In our view these are the 4 best dog trimmers available on the market today. In board terms the more expensive models are based on more sophisticated battery technology. You'll see there are slight differences in the height adjustment of the blades and of course the ergonomics of each machine. We're often asked if a groomer needs a trimmer as well as a clipper - and the honest answer is no, they are not absolutely necessary. However, they've become very popular and are now generally considered to be a good tool to have - why: (1) They're lightweight and very manoeuvrable - so they are great to use when clipping around the undercarriage and bum area and are ideal for trimming out pads and ear tips (2) They all offer quick blade height adjustment - so they are much quicker to use than switching around between conventional dog clipper blades (3) They give you clipper a rest! IT's no bad idea to switch to a trimmer and let your clipper take a breather and cool down a bit! As ever, if you need help or advice on choosing a dog trimmer we are always very happy to help. Eventually if you need spare parts, replacement blades or just a simple service we are always just a phone call away.
  • All Clippers

    All Clippers (33)

    Here are the best selling professional dog clipper models currently available on the market today. We sell, service and guarantee professional clippers from the four top clipper brands: Oster, Andis, Wahl and Aesculap. Any of these clippers will perform well but if you are unsure which particular model of dog clipper will fit your needs best then please give us a call – we can help you narrow down your selection and explain the advantages of one machine over another. A last word – if you're ordering online be sure to get a supply of blade wash and a lubricant – they are absolutely vital to keep any professional dog clipper running smoothly and cutting efficiently.
  • Blades

    Blades (87)

    For Andis and Oster dog clippers you are free to choose from any of the snap-on blades with universal fittings. For Wahl and Moser machines we tend to recommend Wahl blades as we have found problems with universal snap-on fittings as the clippers get older. If you're in any doubt then please get in touch - we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. A quick word on clipper blade lubrication - if you don't lubricate your blades well and often (we seriously recommend a few drops at every blade change) your clipper will start to over work and possibly run more slowly. Professional dog clipper blades are precisely made and if there's dirt between the faces they get hot more quickly and don't run well. So if you're buying blades make sure you have enough blade wash and lubricating oil - otherwise you'll be buying blades more often than you need to! A last word on extra wide blades - these have become incredibly popular with expert, busy groomers as they save a lot of time when clipping and will still produce outstanding results. Again they're a universal fitting and will work ion most professional clippers but if wide blades are for you we would certainly recommend that you invest in a top of the range clipper. If you have any dog clipper, accessory or cleaning and lubrication questions then please get in touch. We've been selling and servicing dog clippers for over 50 years and so we've built up a fair bit of knowledge along the way.
  • Comb Attachments

    Comb Attachments (27)

    We offer a huge range of snap on comb attachments for professional dog clippers – we also produce a blade chart that shows you when combs are recommended for key breeds rather than blades. We stock both No 30 and No. 10 sized blades to use with combs and, of course, we offer a comprehensive range of lubricants, coolants and cleaning agents that will keep your dog clipper in tip-top condition. So if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch – we are always happy to help.
  • Blade Care

    Blade Care (12)

    Ever wondered what the most important factor is in a dood dog clip? Talent! But after your skills the most important thing is that you have clean and well lubricated blades! True this aren't the most exciting products in the grooming world but boy-oh-boy are they important! As usual if you need any advice we're always happy to help.
  • Clipper Parts

    Clipper Parts (14)

    Whilst we certainly wouldn't recommend trying to service a professional clipper yourself – there may be a few standard parts you feel confident to replace – here we've included the stand clipper parts we are asked to supply for Oster, Andis, Aescuap and Wahl dog clippers. If you are looking for a particular dog clipper spare part and you don't see it list – please get in touch as we can source parts for most professional dog clippers.

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